Spring ’16 Masterclass
23 May 1,6,13,21,27 June

Autumn ’16 Masterclass
3,11,24,31 October 7,14 November

A small group, cooking together in my beautiful loft, sipping good wine, dining over our creations.

Throughout the six nights of the course, you will experience the following:
-Build your essential kitchen and organize your space to make life in the kitchen easy;
-Learn a range of traditional and modern cooking techniques: such as roasting, grilling, poaching, stir-frying, sous-vide;
-Explore all ingredients: vegetables, meat, seafood, grains, desserts, herbs, spices, broths, sauces;
-Learn the art of dish presentation;
-Discover how healthy eating can be synonymous of gourmet;
-Educate your senses and learn art of flavour pairing to create your own recipes.

The masterclass will take place in my loft outside the Aberdeen tunnel near Wong Chuck Hang. The starting time is 8pm and the class will finish around 10.30pm. It will be a small group. The cost of the masterclass is HK$ 9,800